Re: Hopefully last addition to clan code

From: Eduardo Gutierrez de Oliveira (
Date: 01/23/97

On Thu, 23 Jan 1997, Ron Hensley wrote:

> > I forgot to include the is_playing function in the clan code that I submitted.
> > My mud is highly modified and functions can be scattered all over the place.
> > I apologize again for coming up with additions little by
> > little, but I guess I will follow the suggestions and gather the
> > whole thing and put it on the ftp site as a submission.
> Definatly nice of you to share code like that. But with all those 
> messages, missing parts , fixes etc, i might suggest you get together 
> exactly what code is needed, whats not, test you theories on virgin stock 
> code.

This is a nice idea, I'd got even further.

How can you make a diff file from a stock code and a modified code? I
mean, what's the line?

I say this so people that want to post code don't have to wade through
diff's man pages to get this one clear..:) I have seen quite a few posts
lately with several different patch files for every modified file...



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