[newbie] Assigning abilities

From: Joel Pheasant (pheasant@vicon.net)
Date: 01/24/97

Sorry if this sounds dumb, but I've only been coding for a mud a couple 
of weeks and I am still trying to work my way through all of the code 
that I don't understand. 
  I've been working on code that allows the player to assign where all 
of their stat rolls go [str, int, wis....] instead of having them 
automatically assigned in class.c.  I added the code to my nanny 
function right after they choose their class.  I have had no problem 
rolling the stats and allowing the player to select them.  I then have 
it storing the number selected for strength  in 
d->character->real_abils.str I then go through and do the same(changing 
the .str to the appropriate ability) for the other abilities.  After all 
abilities are assigned, I then move the scores to the affected abilites 
as in class.c using the line
d->character->aff_abils = d->character->real_abils
  The problem that I am having is that when my player enters the game 
and types score, his stats all show up as 25.  The score command is 
displaying the stats using the GET_STR(ch).  Am I sending something to 
the wrong place or leaving out a step??? Any help is appreciated, and 
thanks in advance.
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