[idea] VNum sharing for strung items

From: Gary Barnett (gbarnett@polarnet.com)
Date: 01/25/97

I am contemplating a code change for strung items that I'd
like to get input on. 

I would like to have a specific vnum (say 1000 for the purposes of this
discussion) that all objects will use when they have any of their
descriptive strings modified.

The reason I wish to do this is that when using OLC, any modification
of the prototype for an object will cause all of the existing objects using
that same vnum to revert to the prototype. 

I know that a routine could be created to check for such an occurance and
skip it.. but I'm thinking the shared vnum method may work as well.

In addition, with the advent of a mob language, mobs are creating many
varied objects, and it would seem simpler to have these objects all carry
the same vnum. (An example is a popsicle vendor one of my builders created.
This mob makes a stock popsicle, and then changes the strings to create
a 'flavored' popsicle.) Another advantage is that I can provide an 'optimized'
create routine.. to make a generic trash type item.. Save a couple lines of 
interpreted code each time one of these is created.

What I'm asking is this:

Is this a stupid idea, prone to failure due to dependencies in the code?

In addition, I am also embarking upon a method where mobs may modify their
own descriptive strings (and others).. The obvious example here is the horse.
You can make a gelding, mare, etc from one mob.. having them load up their
own descriptions. Has anyone on the list done this? Any gotchas you can

Thanks for your time.


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