Showing User's Address/Host Offline your mud....

From: Mud Administration (
Date: 01/25/97

     Finally I can contribute something...  I have made a Small little
util that I stuck in my util dir, that I included in this message...  I
dont ask for anything...  You dont even have to put me in your credits...
I just made this li`l program so that I could see the address/host of
every player on the mud so I dont have to logon and "last" them...  I
basically used the showplay command and converted it to do this...  For me
it has been "Extremely" useful in tracking down people and knowing who to
ban from where....

Lemme know if you have use for this...  And Alex, You can put this on the
Snippits page if ya like...  If ya'd like, you could send this out with
the next version of circlemud...  Its a nice bit of code...  I havent had
a problem with it... Though if you have any problems with it...  I dont
know what I could do to help the situation!  IE: You use this at your
own risk...  <smile> (Have to protect myself too!) 

/* ************************************************************************
*  file:  showadd.c                                   Part of CircleMud   *
*  Usage: list a diku playerfile and prints out hosts of your users       *
*  Copyright (C) 1990, 1991 - see 'license.doc' for complete information. *
*  All Rights Reserved                                                    *
************************************************************************* */

#include "../conf.h"
#include "../sysdep.h"

#include "../structs.h"

void show(char *filename)
  FILE *fl;
  struct char_file_u player;
/*  struct descriptor_data d; */
  int num = 0;

  if (!(fl = fopen(filename, "r+"))) {
    perror("error opening playerfile");
  for (;;) {
    fread(&player, sizeof(struct char_file_u), 1, fl);
    if (feof(fl)) {
    printf("%5d. ID: %5ld %-20s %-40s\n", ++num,

int main(int argc, char **argv)
  if (argc != 2)
    printf("Usage: %s playerfile-name\n", argv[0]);

  return 0;

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