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From: Daniel Koepke (
Date: 01/25/97

On Sat, 25 Jan 1997, invincibill wrote:

> would somebody tell me the benefits of implementing code for clans and
> what purpose it serves.  i mean, i know what it does, but i dont really
> see the point to it.  i would think that players should be able to form
> their own clans(call them religions if you will) and set up their own
> rules and what not....

First, leaving it up to the player's may not be a wise thing.  The
players may decide to create their artificial clans without any basis
or background.  Next, if just anyone can startup a clan, then you'll
have a ton of "clans" and barely any with members.  Or, then, who is
to stop someone from joining your clan when you don't want them to?
Suppose you could have mortals bothering you with it...

Clan channnels, if you're into global communication, as well as a
clan houses with a general bank/donation room for the entire clan or
the bank just for the leaders (whatever), and a personal locker for
each clan member to horde some equipment.  Next, you have clan wars,
treaties, etc.  Cities that tax for setting up clans, having the
clan hall as the recall spot, clan equipment, skills, and spells,
etc.  Monthly fees for being in a clan (especially to pay "rent" for
having a clan in a city and for the clan house).  Clan rankings, etc.

> without opening up a can of worms  what do you guys think?  does anybody
> have a mud with clans which are not implemented in the code?

You couldn't call it a 'feature', because you'll find it everywhere.
Someone says, "Hey I got an idea, I'll make a clan," and types:

  > title Leader of the Clan [Shadowcasters]

I don't think there's anything really special about that, and it won't
be something to attract players.  I think clans should be created by
immortals for the mortals, so that the theme and purpose behind the
clan is clear [and it makes it easier to make the clan house, etc.] ;).
Personally, the clan system I wrote ~2 years ago used a "RFC" (Request
For Clan, of course ;)) placed by the leaders.  People would then vote
on it (including immortals).  If a god didn't create the clan within a
week, the rfc would go away.  The same rfc could be resent in 3 days,
and notes could be attached to it.  This allowed players to be involved
more in the creation of clans and the shaping of the MUD.

Just some thoughts and memories.

Daniel Koepke
Forgive me father, for I am sin.

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