Re: Mprog addition to OasisOLC

From: Nic Suzor (
Date: 01/26/97

Hi all,

ok, i have a problem here then. it sems some time ago my sysadmin installed
something called advanced_edit onto the mud. now, i wish to remove this and
replace it with improved_edit, but i don't have the code for advanced_edit,
so don't know what to take out. Does anyone out there either have or know
where this code may be, or can tell me how i would go about replacing it
with improved_edit ?

this is becoming rather annoying, as many new features use improved_edit,
and they dont work on my code. rather, they cause a crash when someone
attempts to use them.

any help is appreciated.

thanks in advance

Nic Suzor

At 06:46 PM 1/26/97 -0800, Nicholas S. Wourms wrote:
>The very nature of this code requires the improved editor.  If you do not
>have it, there will be no way to edit mobprogs once you save them to disk.

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