Intermud adress

From: Rasmus 'Con' Ronlev (
Date: 01/26/97


I don't know if anyone on this list runs the intermud patch/procedures on
their muds, but I saw Ron H. ( on the list, and thoght I'd ask
a simple, yet to me annoying question...

Does anyone know why the IP adress of the BOOTMASTER ( in
the distribution of Intermud v1.0 from the circleftp site doesn't work ?

Chcking it by telnetting to it, shows that the port for the bootmaster as
well as the port for the mud (Tempus ?) is not valid (either taken down,
moved or errant somehow).

Can anyone shed some light on this ? I mean, I can't find the bootmaster,
and there doesn't seem to be a way to make one for myself, so right now
the code I added pretty useless.

I allso traced down the (new?) adress of Tempus mud ( 2020),
but the person mention in the intermud distribution (Stryker) was
unavailable, and I have to admit I didn't have the time to stay and play
at the particular moment. (port 2121 didn't work on that adress either).

So, I tried most obvious things, neither work... So any help on this
subject is appreciated.


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