Re: [Code] general ack!!!

From: invincibill (
Date: 01/27/97

disregard this..its afu....i cant believe i wrote it
> the reason for this is because *message is a pointer to a character.
> the pointer, for most compilers is 4bytes sometimes 8.  the character is
> 1 byte.  when you include message like that in the printf statement, you
> are sending in the pointer value and type.  the compiler doesnt care, it
> assumes you know what you want.  when you get to the runtime and you
> havent taken precautions, BAM you get sprintf trying to access a memory
> location which holds a character value when it actuality it holds part
> of the value for a pointer.  not knowing exactly how printf handles it,
> all you can assume is that you'll get undefined results(as the c gurus
> put it...) and you can expect improper memory access at best and a crash
> at worse.
> this is probably babblized, i'm tired, but i hope i helped clear it up
> just a bit.

whats happening is that printf is looking for a NULL(zero) value.  it
will look until it finds it.  in searching, it runs amuck through other
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