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From: Daniel Koepke (
Date: 01/28/97

On Tue, 28 Jan 1997, Derek L. Karnes wrote:

> > Regardless of which, whether a pole is encumbering in a dungeon or
> > not does not account for when you're walking outside in a grass field,
> > underneathe a clear blue sky, white wisps of clouds smeared gently.  So,
> > why is that pole 25lbs, how is it encumbering you?  IMHO, encumberance
> > of an object and it's weight should be seperate.  This permits you to
> > have encumberance modify weight (to maybe different degrees) in different
> > terrain and enviromental conditions as compared to walking around with
> > nothing to encumber them.
> sector based weight affects.. hrmm :) Works for me.

Now I'm realizing, too, that many things are not covered by
encumberence, too.  Why exactly is that gold ring I pointed out in
the previous message 20lbs?  I mean, unless it had sharp points that
stabbed into your fingers and held them together, a ring wouldn't
be that encumbering or heavy.  Then we look at keys in zone 79.  What
kind of key weighs 2lbs?!!  ...and you're not going to tell me that
it's encumbering :)~  Why exactly is "a large key" made of steel (#7900)
2lbs, and "a copper key" [described as being small] (#7901) the same
weight?!  :\  I think before we start to add more world files to stock
Circle, we need to divide between concepts belonging to pen-and-paper
RPGs and MUDs.  Since DIKU seems to have only partially implemented much
of what was in D&D/AD&D, you get things that aren't quite logical and
could be better suited by calculations by the MUD rather than a bunch of
predetermined things.  I mean, it's kind of silly to have these things
in the MUD as they are.  At the very least, we need to redetermine how
something can be used to backstab, since a longsword is a piercing weapon.
I think encumberence based upon the terrain and sector you're in is a
good idea.  That way, a 10' pole does encumber you when you're walking
through a dungeon.  Of course, what confuses me is what encumberence
matters?!  I mean, how much weight you're carrying really doesn't affect
combat or moving...

Daniel Koepke
Forgive me father, for I am sin.

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