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Date: 01/29/97

The weight and quality of swords varied according to time frame of the 
weapon, and the area that it was made in.  The Europeans prefered heavier 
weapons as opposed to lighter faster weapons, though some swords didn't 
follow this theme.  A bastard sword for example (hand and a half sword) 
was a full sized 2-handed sword with little more room for grip than a 
long sword.  It should be technically impossible for one to wield it with 
one hand unless they had high strength rolls (18/50-18/100)
There were several types of weapons out there, and each differed in the 
way they were used.  The polearms in particular are interesting.  Several 
of them had piercing AND slashing capabilities.  Small assassin's weapons 
such as the Katar and various other daggers had other qualities.  The 
katar was a push knife with a wide blade for slashing and a sharp point 
for piercing.  It also had 2 steel bars to protect the forearm.  The 
katar was the weapon and shield of the fighter, while fitting inside his 
cloak without a problem.  Most weapons had multiple uses, and can 
rarely be forced into a single role.  A system that takes all this into 
account would have to be much more complex than the present system and is 
therefore innefficient.
	Kwon J. Ekstrom
		Justice Justinian - The Bringer of Truth

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