Date: 01/29/97

Hello folks, i am having trouble getting Obuild to work, thought maybe some
of you seasoned 
circle coders/builders could help. I downloaded Circle3.0 patch level 11,
followed the instructions on uncompressing and compiling. It worked fine
without a hitch. I found Obuild and thought i could do the same thing. I
downloaded it, uncompressed it, but i can't get it to compile right. I
followed the directions word for word and it gives me errors. I am guessing
it is because i was using an unmodified circlemud, but i did the things it
asked to do when using an unmodified circlemud. I copied all the files i got
from Obuild into the circle src directory, then ran comfigure before
compiling. IS there something that isnt written down that i should know
about? There is that bugfix file and the Obuildshp file that i didnt
download. The bugfix wasnt a .c file so i didnt think i needed to put in the
src dierecoty before i did anything. Do i need to use that file in some way
when forst trying to get it to work? I am hoping you folks can help me out
here, thanks in advance

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