Linux 2.0.18 Problem

From: Jason A. Davis (
Date: 01/29/97

I'm sure someone has asked this question before and someone has already 
answered it. I'm sorry if this is a "repittion" but I've been trying to 
fix this problem for 2 months now and I can't get a solution or cause.
Here's my problem:

Everything was working fine with my old 1.2.13 kernel base then I 
installed the new kernel version 2.0.18. I did a ./configure in the 
circle dir and went into the src directory and did a "make clean; make all".
Everything compiled fine so I booted the mud. BOOM! It immediately 
crashed because it didn't like the house-crashed rountine loading in 
objects. So, I edited the db.c file and took out the call for that 
rounine. Then I recompiled db.c and booted the was fine....I 
logged into the game and played around for a bit...everything seemed 
ok...then i typed WHO and boom it crashed. I tried compiling my kernel 
with different settings to see if that library was the cause. Every 
attempt I made, failed miserably. So...if anyone has any clues or patches 
for this, please let me know immediately. My game can't afford anymore 

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