RE: Linux 2.0.18 Problem

From: Gary Barnett (
Date: 01/29/97

Sounds to me like you need to run the mud under GDB and find out
what line of code it's crashing on. I'd be willing to bet a good beer that
the size of some variable has changed, thereby making an assumption
in the code invalid.. That would explain why your house 'rent' file is
not loading.. compiler warnings would probably point you in the right
direction.. have you deleted all your .o's and recompiled, noting any


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From:	Jason A. Davis []
Sent:	Wednesday, January 29, 1997 2:47 PM
Subject:	 Linux 2.0.18 Problem

I'm sure someone has asked this question before and someone has already 
answered it. I'm sorry if this is a "repittion" but I've been trying to 
fix this problem for 2 months now and I can't get a solution or cause.
Here's my problem:

Everything was working fine with my old 1.2.13 kernel base then I 
installed the new kernel version 2.0.18. I did a ./configure in the 
circle dir and went into the src directory and did a "make clean; make all".
Everything compiled fine so I booted the mud. BOOM! It immediately 
crashed because it didn't like the house-crashed rountine loading in 
objects. So, I edited the db.c file and took out the call for that 
rounine. Then I recompiled db.c and booted the was fine....I 
logged into the game and played around for a bit...everything seemed 
ok...then i typed WHO and boom it crashed. I tried compiling my kernel 
with different settings to see if that library was the cause. Every 
attempt I made, failed miserably. So...if anyone has any clues or patches 
for this, please let me know immediately. My game can't afford anymore 

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