[ansi (||) hotkeys ]

From: bb (bb@ism.net)
Date: 01/28/97

 justa curious, thought i'd ask here from lack of hd space to hold any
newsgroups on my linux box..

   ok, when i still used ibm as a little kid i had a reneage bbs..  it not
only automatically deteted ansi but also would parse it's input so
you could just press a letter, without the return..

  anyways, i know the ansi checker was infact just a ansi code (maybe dos
specific?) sent to their terminal in which would send something back if it
understand ol' ansi.

    i've yet to see a mud with this but i thouht i'd ask and see if maybe
someone had a clue into how this was done..  

   then also...   i'm see how you could just change a function around in
the socket section of circle, but can sockets take in one character at a

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