RE: [help] [newbie] emailing files.

From: Jason White (
Date: 01/31/97

I am using Microsoft Echange 4.0 (in W95 if that makes a diff) and some emails 
w/ files have a paperclip, but certain encoded ones don't get decoded, so 
there is no paperclip, just a bunch of chars.

From: 	Daniel Holmes
Sent: 	Friday, January 31, 1997 2:38 AM
To: 	Jason White
Subject: 	Re:  [help] [newbie] emailing files.

If you use Microsoft 3.X then you have all you need.  Just click on the
Yellow paperclip that appears when you are reading the e-mail.

> From: Jason White <>
> To:
> Subject:  [help] [newbie] emailing files.
> Date: Thursday, January 30, 1997 4:43 PM
> It seems that when files are sent to me through email, my side doesn't
> them.
> and the decoder that I have doesn't seem to work w/ base64, does anyone
> where
> I could get a decoder to decode files sent through the mailing list?

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