[Clan Code Error]

From: Adam (us001725@mindspring.com)
Date: 02/01/97

Hi I used the recent clan code that was placed in here... and I slightly
modified a few things... but not much I went and added it to the "Makefile"
with the file clan.o in the OBJFILES right before castle.o. and then put it
in the dependacies they exact way the others are, and how it said to. I get
this error when I go and type "make all"

Makefile:139: *** missing separator.  Stop.

in the makefile on lines 137-139 are the dependacies for clan.o here they

clan.o: clan.c conf.h sysdep.h structs.h utils.h comm.h spells.h handler.h
  db.h clan.h
        $(CC) -c $(CFLAGS) clan.c

Could anybody tell me what I need to change or fix... Please explain it
clearly because I am a newbie coder.


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