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Date: 02/01/97

Didn't write it, but here is the forwarded message (I dunno why I
saved it, but I guess I have a use for it now, eh?)

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Date: Thu, 16 Jan 1997 21:36:15 +0000
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Subject: Re:  Exp to Level Algorithm

> Along the lines of fair but useful experience caps, does anyone have
> any ideas on an equation to calculate exp to level that is equally
> increased?  Not like 1k per level, but more so half of last level
> plus current total exp divided by level?  Or, can someone explain
> why the current exp table is set up the way it is, incrementing by
> the same amount, then doubling, then incrementing by that same
> amount.  This creates different plateau's of exp to gain in order to

I have no idea why the experience system is set up the way it is, 
probably just the way it was done.  I just recently went through and 
modified my code to include 104 levels.  While doing this I went 
through and took out the experience table and replaced it with the 
following basic formula:

(The formula calculates the experience needed to go from (level of 
player) to (level of player + 1)

level of player * 2000 * level modifier * class modifier.

The level modifier is as follows:
Levels          Modifier
1 - 10                1
11 - 20              4
21 - 30              8
31 - 55              9
56 - 60              8.5
60 - 65              8.4
66 - 70              8.3
71 - 75              8.2
76 - 80              8.1
81 ->                8

Class Modifier is a number based on a characters Class.  The theory 
is that it should take a Wizard or Cleric less experience to get to 
the same level than it would take a Warrior or Ranger.  I started 
Wizards at 1.1 and Rangers at 1.8.  This is a constant.

I had to play around with the Level Modifier until I got something 
that looks like it will work reasonably well.

Hope this helps.

Dave Carver
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