Re: [Newbie] Zones Wanted

From: Alex (
Date: 02/01/97

> I am looking for a few zones which I know are not custom but I have been 
> unsuccessful in locating them, the zones are Decent to Hell 1 and 2,
> and the complete five part oceania parts 1 through 5.  If anyone could
> help me find these or other zones of interest I would appreciate it :)
Descent to Hell (if I recall correctly) is a Merc area by Strahd.  You
can prolly find it on most Merc FTP sites... I'd suggest trying

Oceania isn't complete, and I was talking with Kenneth recently (the
author of it), and he said that he is planning on completing it and
rewriting the first two parts.  Those two parts can be found on the
CircleMUD FTP site however.

Erm... Yeah.  Whatever.

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