From: Adam (us001725@mindspring.com)
Date: 02/02/97


I just recently added the clan code posted here.... Now I added the
GET_CLAN(ch) to the utils.h file so that I could use it in DAK's Who List
{The who list I am using}. Now under the mortal part I added  another [%s]
and further down right in the correct order I added "GET_CLANN(wch)", I
also tried with "GET_CLAN(ch)". I have tried adding things like "GET_SEX"
and a lot of other things. Whenever I do that I get this warning when I

gcc -c -g -O -Wall -fno-strict-prototypes  act.informative.c
act.informative.c: In function `do_who':
act.informative.c:1064: warning: format argument is not a pointer (arg 7)

Then it finishes the compile, without an ERROR. When I am in the game any
player who has no clan when they type "who" it works fine, and lists them
as "null" in the correct spot. Any player who is in a clan, causes the MUD
to crash. This applies for GET_SEX and a lot of others.

What is wrong?



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