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Date: 02/02/97

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>	I'm trying to implement a prompt on my mud that will ask the user
>'Are you sure(y/n)?' when they try to quit.... I cannot figure out how to
>get there answer... I realize this is probably a simple thing to do but I
>just couldn't figure out how to get straight input from the mud... any
>suggestions/help is much appreciated....
The solution can be found by tracing how the other input routines work
(logon name, password, opening menu, etc.)

The mud knows about the player's current state.. the CON_XXX constants
handle the current state.

When you are playing normally you are set to CON_PLAYING; when the game
is waiting for you to press enter after reading the MOTD when you log on,
you are set to CON_RMOTD 

My advice would be to search your code for CON_RMOTD and then add the
new code, using CON_RMOTD as a template. Maybe CON_CNFRM_QUIT
or something.

The other piece of the puzzle is that do_quit calls a bunch of functions. .You'll
obviously have to move the code in do_quit to the case CON_CNFRM_QUIT
in interpreter.c.. I'm not sure if there are any declarations in act.other.c that aren't
in interpeter.c .. but you might look there if you get compiler errors.


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