[Win95]OasisOLC patch Question

From: Daniel Holmes (danielh@teleport.com)
Date: 02/02/97

add the OasisOLC patch to the stock circle code just fine, and I do not get
as many errors as some, however I do get these errors when compiling

This is from the stock Circle code not after applying the patch:
comm.c(340) : warning C4761: integral size mismatch in argument; conversion
 cl -c /nologo /I. /IE:\MSDEV\INCLUDE act.comm.c

This is from the OasisOLC code after applying the patch:
olc.c(295) : warning C4028: formal parameter 2 different from declaration
olc.c(312) : warning C4028: formal parameter 2 different from declaration

How can I correct these errors?

	Also when using ZEdit and I loose my connection.

Sun Feb 02 15:03:25 :: SYSERR: Nanny: illegal state of con'ness; closing
Sun Feb 02 15:03:25 :: Closing link to: Sharlikran.
Sun Feb 02 15:03:25 :: No connections.  Going to sleep.

	Since I did not write either the Circle code or the OasisOLC patch I have
no idea what is doint what.  How do I fix this error?

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