Re: [QUESTION] Randomly Generated Areas

From: Daniel Koepke (
Date: 02/02/97

On Sun, 2 Feb 1997, AxL wrote:

> I think that may give ya the basic coding ideas of creating a maze-
> like room that won't leave any unconnected areas.

I started on my idea just after I wrote the message, and now it's
completely operational.

                               * * * *

Anyway, to give you an idea of what this is about.  I am attempting
to create an entire MUD in 1 week, from scratch.  I needed something that
wouldn't require a lot of depth.  There's a lot of mechanics involved with
fantasy based MUDs, whether or not they're based upon role-playing
and realism or whatnot.  So, I've been working on this from this
morning.  I actually had much of the code for the basics from my real
project, but since a lot of it doesn't apply to what I'm doing with
this little thing, I had to rewrite a lot of it.

Essentially, the MUD (which is so aptly named Carnage at the moment)
will be a lot like the Ground Zero ROM Pkill MUD.  It's entire world is
essentially a maze of three stories.  Upon enterance a player is
assigned to a team and put against opposing teams and a small group
of mobiles (including droids which the opposing team can send after you
or have sit around and wait for you, the team HQ leader, etc.).  The
game has very little technical or detailed stuff.  You simply get a
gun, load it, track down some players, blow them to smitherines.  Why
am I doing this?  As a prelude to the actual Mud, so I can demonstrate
my abilities in coding to a prospective site.  I might even decide to
keep this little non-stop pk Mud up if I get the site for it.

Of course, the whole purpose of the game is to not provide a challenge
for the players, but to pit player against player.  Every character is
the same, except for what they're carrying.  This encourages eq hording,
inbalance, etc.  It also makes one player mad at another and keeps the
game interesting.  :)

The players compete against one another for bragging rights.  There is
an a big red button somewhere within the game that when pressed, starts
a countdown.  Everyone is killed and the game restarts.

The maze generation I'm doing is very cheap and dirty.  It essentially
makes a cell based maze, then converts it into rooms.  I have the
intention of making walls able to explode and so far, I have not seen a
maze generated that won't permit access to any of the rooms.  Not too

Daniel Koepke
Forgive me father, for I am sin.

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