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From: Adam (us001725@mindspring.com)
Date: 02/03/97


I am trying to add a "Pre-Title" thing that says 

[HERO]    "name" "title"

That is basically the immortal thing... but in the mortal section. I added
this code and compiled successfully

+     } else {
+     if (GET_LEVEL(wch) == 100) {
+     sprintf(Mort_buf, "%s[HERO] %s %s", Mort_buf, GET_NAME(wch),
+           GET_TITLE(wch));
    } else {
     sprintf(Mort_buf, "%s[%2d %s/%s %s][%d]  %s %s", Mort_buf,
              CLASS_ABBR(wch), RACE_ABBR(ch), buf, GET_CLAN(wch),

my problem is that when a HERO typed "who" it doesn't show them as on the
who list or even on the player logged on since boot time, or any of those
things. Could someone help me on what to do to make it work?
*I am a newbie coder so please try and explain it well*



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