Re: [IDEA] Thus the storms did come...

From: Mark Komus (umkomusm@cc.UManitoba.CA)
Date: 02/03/97

> So, now we have the base system here designed.  We can then get to
> the really fun stuff in having weather affect players in nasty ways.
> It's burning hot?  Movements down (or exhaustion up), getting thirsty
> faster, getting weaker...  Freezing cold?  Watch out for frostbite!
> Raining?  Don't want that armor to get rusty...  Hail?  Owwww, that's
> got to hurt!  Snowy?  Moving will be a lot harder.  Wet/Icy?  Don't
> slip!

I played on a MUD for a while that had a room by room weather system 
implemented.  The only real effect though I think were heat/cold 
effecting your movement, hp, and regen rates.  The problem I found is I 
just tended to ignore it.  I think if its going to be set up so walking 
through a desert is really hot (and really cold at night), that it cannot 
be just minor penalties if you're wearing plate mail or almost any 
armor.  If you're in a desert and walk for about an hour in plate mail, 
well more then likely you're dead because almost no-one could stand the 
heat.  Same thing if you're walking in the artic without any clothes on 
you're dead in minutes. 

Now I know these are harsh realities and that most players don't want 
total realisim, and therefore if they accidently walk into the desert 
they shouldn't just die, but it should be quick enough that they will 
have sufficent warning to remove their armor or, well die...

Also weather gives way to new skills like survival, fire building, and 
such.  But these should really be avialble to all so if you're 
adventuring you don't always need one class to help you survive.  Most 
classes would be able to learn basic survival without much time involved.

> about more things before they rush and attack.  If things are in the
> way, they might decide against playing rough while in that rain forest.
> Tripping could be their death.

Well the 1 in a million lightning bolt blasting a player is always fun 
(same mud my friend got zapped like that :-)  Something I thought of one 
day was maybe being able to code in things like floods or forest fires.  
Have the fire/flood start in one room and have some sort of chance that 
it spreads unless the players of the MUD can find some way to stop it.  
Have any room burnt/flooded get its description changed to reflect its 
new state, etc.  You could really have half your MUD burn up even :-)

Cool idea though...

Mark Komus
2nd Year Computer Science (Honours)
University of Manitoba

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