[Random Thoughts]Hmmm....

Date: 02/03/97

Hello, all...
	This message covers a couple things, so bear with me (please).  First,
after patching mobprogs by hand, I have uploaded a new (hopefully better) patch
for them to the FTP site.  I created it with a brand new copy of patch level 11,
so it should work just fine for anyone.  
	Secondly, I had a question about the file-parsing at boot time.  I
wanted to add a second argument to the interpret_espec section of code, and
here's my change... Anyone think it'll work???

--- from db.c ---
void parse_espec(char *buf, int i, int nr)
  char *ptr, *ptr2;

  if ((ptr = strchr(buf, ':')) != NULL) {
    *(ptr++) = '\0';
    while (isspace(*ptr))

    /* I added the following if statement. */
    if ((ptr2 = strchr(ptr, ' ')) != NULL) {
      while (isspace(*ptr))
    } else ptr2 = "";

  } else ptr = "";

  interpret_espec(buf, ptr, ptr2, i, nr);

I also added a second variable in the interpret_espec function to hold the new
string.  Is this the right way to do this?  Any ideas will be considered and 
help would be appreciated...

		-- Wyatt Bode
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