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From: Gary Barnett (
Date: 02/03/97

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>Hello everyone..
>I'm having a problem with boards and fountains ending up in 'unknown 
>locations'.  Since the problem seems to affect only these items, I assume 
>that the problem is with removing and re-loading the item at each zone 
>reset, because these are the only things this is done with.  A 'where 
>board' brings up the following:
>O158. a deity board             - in an unknown location
>O159. Ten's board               - in an unknown location
>O160. the Implementors Board    - in an unknown location
>O161. the Quest Board           - in an unknown location
>O162. the Zones Board           - in an unknown location
>O163. the Code Board            - in an unknown location
 (examples snipped)

Check your vwear function (if you are using that patch) I noticed an error
in mine.. it had the call to extract_obj only happening when the object
was one of the ones being tested for.

If it isnt that, look for calls to read_object that don't have a corresponding
obj_to_room, obj_to_char or extract_obj call. 

If you are using Oasis, you might have your zone with those objects reset to
0 .. Used to happen on my mud, but I fixed it by redoing a good bit of the 
zedit and redit code to streamline it.. Sorry I can't post a fix.. didn't really 'fix' it :-)


>I get spammed out, it's so bad.  Can someone please help me out here?  
>Apologies in advance if this has already been covered recently.
>Thanks in advance, as well.

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