Re: [QUESTION] Randomly Generated Areas

From: Walter Goodwin (
Date: 02/04/97

> This is really neat, any chance you could post it when your done?

Anyone think this is really ironic considering the reasons given
for creating a mud in one week? :)

about circle:

Here's a nice simple coding project for the newbie circle admin.
On the who screen, make the higher gods ummm, "rank" settable to
whatever.  (Ie. if it normally goes like this:

[*Implementor*]  Jordo says "I got Axe for you".

And make it settable to, ooooh, say, this:

[Head Troll]     Jordo says "I got Axe for you".

First, add a char *rank somewhere in the player struct, personally
I'd place it next to bamfin and bamfout.  Then, take a good long
look at the bamfin/bamfout command.  Then, either add a new subcommand
that sets the "rank" or add a new command that looks suspicously like
bamfin/bamfout (ie. copy it, then change it to set the rank.)

Either way, make sure that you free the rank string when the god
leaves the game.  (Look for where the bamfin/bamfout is free'd,
then add another free for the rank.)

Okay, then, in the do_who functions, (BTW, no, I'm not sure how stock
circle's who is setup :)  look for where it adds the [*Implementor*]
part, then setup a check to see if the persons rank is set, and if
it is, then don't use the "Implementor" thing and use the "rank" string

To complete the project, grep for all occurences of bamfin/bamfout,
and check to see if you should mimic something for rank (in score
or ummm, I _think_ mstat for examples.)

There, now you've added a nice little feature.
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