Re: [MISC] Making a patch

From: Walter Goodwin (
Date: 02/04/97

> Hi...
> 	I would please like to know how to create
> a patch file using diff...
> 	You see I run this MUD that has a lot of
> updates (my on coding) and I want to add some of the
> stuff on the ftp site in it, and I notice that the
> patches there are for the raw circle code and I
> *dont* want to have to manually add it in, So
> what I'm doing is this: I got the patches I wanted
> and the original code and patched it up, now I
> want to be able to do a diff between my code and
> the patched code and then patch up my code.
> Can anyone help me ? I am unfamiliar with how to
> use diff ...

Heh, from my limited understanding of diff, here is what I've found to
work :)

diff -uN [original src directory] [altered src directory] > Patch

Hmm, lets see if I can rememebr those options correctly :)
-u is the unified output somethingmarather. ie. it tells diff to
	output the text in umm, I guess "patch" style

-N  Tells diff to treat files that are in one directory and not there in
	the other as being empty in the one they are not there. hmm,
	let me explain better, it allows entire files to be included
	into the patch.

-r  recursive, add r to the uN above if you want it to recursively add
	in any subdirectories.  (be careful with this one :/

oh yeah, this is assuming Unix, I have no idea about Win95, you
might want to check your man pages, those options might be different
on your system :)

(Note to Alex:  This has been asked at least 3 times since I first
got on the list, you might want to find a better answer, but it prolly
should be on the faq :)
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