Re: [CONCEPT] Global Alignment (Repost)

From: Ray (ruppertr@SNYCORVA.CORTLAND.EDU)
Date: 02/04/97

On Tue, 4 Feb 1997, Daniel Koepke wrote:
> When a character or mobile is created, you add there alignment (divide
> by 10 so it doesn't get too high) into the global align.  When they are
> taken out of the game, you adjust align again to account for it.
> Essentially, if the players alignment is 1000, they add 100 to the
> GlobalAlignment, and 100 is subtracted when they leave.  If they have
> a negative alignemnt, say -1000, they add -100 to the global align
> (adding a negative is the same as subtracting), and when they leave,
> they subtract -100 (subtracting a negative [eg, a double negative, as
> in English] is the same as adding).

Technically, when a character changes alignment (from killing a mob) 
you'd have to modify the total by the same amount that his alignment 
changed, otherwise it won't come out exactly right..  (a character 
leaving that has had a change of align during the time he was on won't 
"disappear" from the total quite right. :)  )

Just nitpicking,
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