Latest Flame War [Was(Re: need vbrun300.dll)]

From: Nicholas S. Wourms (
Date: 02/04/97

Might I make an observation?  If you followed the entire thread, You would
have found that this is quite circle-related.  I know I would have
[Off-Topic] this message myself, but still he doesn't deserve this flame.
Apparently he is either developing or trying to use a circle editor which
uses the Visual Basic language and need the Run-Time Dynamic Link Loaders.
I have seen stuff worse off topic then this.  Finally, his message was VERY
short, 1k according to Eudora.  All the Flame/Arguments have created 20+k
of spam, which is ironic considiering that the argument is over trying to
conserve space.  Please, in the future, know your facts before you flame.
Even if the flame is deserved, keep it short, or better yet, take it to
private e-mail.  I am very happy with Alex Fletcher for the environment he
has set up here, it is much better then many other lists I know.  Lets all
think about the effort he's put into this list and the effort he will give
in future.  To him, I hope that he will continue to keep this list, in
light of flame wars now and then.  

Please, no flames, especially to the list.
At 06:09 PM 2/4/97 -0500, you wrote:
>> >master-j wrote:
>> >>
>> >> need win95 vbrun300.dll anyone help me real quick style?
>> >
>> > Go to some winblows mailing list or something... Christ this used to be
>> >CircleMud Mailing list... at least I remember it like this... *puke*
>> >
>> >WildLion!
>> Who the fuck appointed you King Dick Waver?
>	Crude as it was, his message was at least an attempt to steer the
>discussions here to Circle Mud...go figure...

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