win95 Patch Question

From: DJ Pure (
Date: 02/04/97

Hi All.
	I wanted to see how if patching works, so I downloaded a stock circle code
and it compiled fine (save for that normal comm.c warning that ALWAYS comes
with the win95 version ... and answers Jeremy ??) and unzipped the patch
program from Mallory's ftp site for win95/dos.

Now the readme file was made in '88 and is designed for unix. So ... any
help to how i would patch a program ..

such as mobprog-2.0bpl11.patch ?? ??



Oh .. what's the difference between a .patch and a .diff ??? what about at
the command line for using the patch.exe command ??

P.S Remember this is for dos/win95 users
P.P.S. Alex or Jeremy or whoever - Can this be added to a FAQ / common news
questions www page, etc etc??

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