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From: Daniel Koepke (
Date: 02/04/97

I was, umm, asked to, umm, forward this to the list, umm.  (Okay, okay,
so I'm mocking Walter's use of 'umm' :)).

BTW, I've already thought of many sick microcosms for what gender a
sword of annihiliation is, so, I'll just be retreating back to the
gutters while you keep it clean. :)

If OJ looked for the real killers on this mailing list, instead of on
golf courses, I'm sure our friend that spammed the list was knife
wielder number one...

Daniel Koepke
Forgive me father, for I am sin.

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Date: Tue, 4 Feb 1997 22:07:29 -0500 (EST)
From: Walter Goodwin <>
To: Daniel Koepke <>
Subject: Re:  Mob Scipting System

> On Tue, 4 Feb 1997, Gary Barnett wrote:
> IMHO, commands should not be handling special script abilities.  Going
> through the command interpreter and calling the teleport function is
> unnecessary in this case.  Just do a str_cmp and then call the function.
> A tad more efficient.

Heh, I always wondered why mobprogs had mpfoo as commands :)  It'd
be far simpler to have some form of, ummm, mprog_parser that handled it :)
plus, they could be FAR more flexible :)

Actually, I had a, umm, interesting idea the other day about a cool
addition to "mobprogs"  have a, ummm, mpspec command, using a mprog_parser
type system instead of commands, you could use the mpspec command to
call upon, well, any spec_procs you have defined.  For instance, if you've
tooken (how best to phrase it :)  a mud lib approach where you have
a bunch of base functions that do many different things, you could have
several battle progs, and many others.  The plus side is that it'd be
slightly trivial once the system is in place to combine low level
code with a scripting system.  (to cover, umm "holes" in the scripting

Also, I'm of the frame of mind right now that a scripting system would
be better if objects and rooms could have scripts attached to them.
There are several ways to do this, the most, umm, I guess "inventive"
way (read, I've seen it only once :)  Is to make a special nopurge mob
that is unkillable in a room only imp's can get to that executes the
script.  Ie. when a script is called, the game changes say, its short
and name, to match something on the object or room, and then executes
the script.   (Actually, this approach is only good if you have your
base system already setup, and it'd be way too big of a pain in the
neck to go back to square one, (or if you don't want to add all sorts
of sanity checking to the command_interpreter and the command functions :)

Hmmm, just to illustrate even further, I have my script_mob in room 5,
(or whatever)   room #2345 (The Open Grave)  has a script that basically
sucks everyone into it (transfers everyone to room 2346 (A Dank Pit)
the mud changes the SM's short to "the open grave", then has it execute
the script.  The plus side is that the room and objects can use normal
commands.  (The open grave tells you "Feeeeeeeeed meeeeeeee"), heh, then
your rooms and objects (with a little more tinkering to fix the
greet triggers (and a few others)) have all the functionality as your
other mobs :)

BTW, what sex IS a sword of utter annhilation? :)

> Heheh, from channel 5 just now:
> "We are sticking with coverage on the OJ Simpson civil trial verdict.
> The president's Sate of the Union address has been tape delayed and
> will be shown in it's entirity at the conclusion of our coverage."
figures :/

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