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From: WarRat (
Date: 02/05/97

At 07:13 AM 2/5/97 -0500, you wrote:
>class the guildmaster is a part of (or master to) in a routine I got
>stumped and in my ever-vescent ability have decided that making 8
>seperated SPECIAL(guild_thief) SPECIAL(guild_fighter) etc masters is the
>easiest and most obvious way of doing this.  BUttttttt it doesn't seem to
>be the most efficient.  Any ideas on a superior way of doing it?  I just
>simply want it so that the guildmaster will check to see what class_type
>that it is.  Thanks for any help. Preciate it.

The way I did it for my mud was to create room flags such as
ROOM_KNIGHTGUILD and had the guildmaster check which guyild it was in and
compare it to the person requesting training.  While this is not a perfect
solution (since you're required to add room flags everytime you add a class
else the class can't practice), I considered it better than a new spec proc
for each class especially since I have 3 levels of guildmasters so that not
all spells can be taught by a single guildmaster (the players seem to like
this and it makes them explore a bit to find the new guildmaster).

If anyone wants the code for this, let me know (email please, no use in
spamming the list with 'me too' messages).  I'll post it.

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