From: Sammy (
Date: 02/05/97


I realized recently that get_id_by_name() searches the entire player_table
for a string match.  I've seen player_tables upwards of 1500, which means
1500 long string compares that I think are unnecessary.  How about setting
up a hash table with 200 entries based on the first 3 chars of the
player's name?  Also, add struct player_index_element *next to struct

For example, we could use this instead:

long get_id_by_name(char *name)
  int i;
  struct player_index_element *tmp;

  one_argument(name, arg);

  i = (('z' - *arg) + ('z' - *(arg+1)) + ('z' - *(arg+3))) % 200;

  if(player_index[i] != NULL)
    for(tmp = player_index[i]; tmp, tmp = tmp->next)
      if(!strcmp(tmp->name, arg))


The code to build a hashed index is longer than I'm gonna attempt to write
in my mailer, but you get the idea :)

This would be really helpful for mobs and objects as well.  It's gotta
save heaps of search time in a big mud.


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