Re: ansi colors

From: somone else (
Date: 02/05/97

> Eh?  Why?  You can turn off color in the game, so that's not a problem.
> But if you really want, all you have to do is change all the CC, etc.
> macros to be "".  That'll make them do nothing.  Then thoroughout your
> coding whenever you run by one you can remove it (since it's doing
> nothing).  Meaning, you don't have to go through every file and remove
> them all at once, but can do it at your convenience while the MUD still
> works.

I was mainly just curious.  I like to use my own color codes and sometimes
the ones that are already there conflict.  It was mostly a question of
laziness.  I guess I will just have to remove them the hard way. oh well.

P. Opus

"Beware the penguins"

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