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Date: 02/05/97

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>When I started working on Shadow World, I made a trigger system that used
>a REAL :) script language called Lua. Unfortunatly it took to much time away
>from working with the more mud specific parts of the mud (multipple attacks,
>more skills and spells, that kind of stuff), so I removed the whole
>trigger/script system.


About a year ago I started work on a bytecode compiler/runtime engine for my
MUD. It's still nowhere near complete enough to be able to use.. I agonized long
and hard about what I should do for the short term, and settled on an interpreted
mob scripting system, as I could code it fairly easily, and it would serve the purpose
until well after our opening date. 

My ultimate goal is to create a language that can access and modify every data structure
that the mud uses, yet never require a reboot to install or modify a program. This system
would be suitable for zone reset scripting, mob scripting, room programming and quest
programming while using very little processor time. This goal will probably not be realized
until well after the mud is open. 

How far did you get with your implementation of Lua? I took a look at the page and was
impressed, yet I think it would be a good amount of work to export the mud data structures
for use within the code.

Can you share any details? 



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