Re: Unarmed Damage

From: Walter Goodwin (
Date: 02/06/97

> I was thinking of a skill called unarmed damage for monks, this skill
> would make it so say.. every 5 levels they get a new damage amount out
> of an array. I.e.
> 5th level would be 1d4
> 10th level 1d6
> 15th level 2d5
> 20th level 2d8
> 25th level 3d5
> 30th level 3d7
> 35th level 4d6
> 40th level 4d8
> 45th level 5d7
> 50th level 6d7
> Any clues on how I would go about this, and how to get their spot from
> the array?

Ack, an arry would be all wrong for this,  take a look at the
backstab multiplier function near the bottom of class.c
Use that as the basis for this :)

Jason "What the hell is a "fullish idea" anyways?" Goodwin
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