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Date: 02/06/97

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>  At 10:48 AM 2/6/97 -0900, Gary Barnett wrote:
>  >That's my approach. Perception is one of the stats that are being used
>  >on my mud. A comparison of the thieves ability to be sneaky (agility,
>  >etc) against the mob's ability to perceive someone sneaking up on it,
>  >provides the necessary check/balance. A high level person would get some
>  How is your perception score determined? rolled at start or calculated?
>  Does it improve over time? 
>  Hmm...I'd probably determine an initial score based on int/wis, and then
>  have it improve when the player levels.

The philosophy is that players pick which stats they want in order at
creation time..There is an entry in a table for every possible stat
combination, and then the homeworld they pick further modifies stats (
slightly) As far as stats go, two methods are available for changing
them post-creation.. One-time stat quests, and equipment. With 7 stats
that all have 1-100 range, and item limits of +6 max/item, you can end
upcreating a pretty well balanced system. (Balanced at the high end..
builders have to be willing to create items that bestow less than the
maximum stat range for lower-level items. This also encourages exploration,
in that the players will always want to have the optimum equipment for
their chosen skills.

While this system will work well for high levelers, a method of making
low level players find high level equipment to be a major drain (either
time or money I think) is needed. I haven't fully solved that issue, and
it's one of the main ones I'm still considering before implementing the
final balancing act on the mud. 

Any ideas? Other than OOC ones like eq-limiting, level-limiting, etc?

One mud I've seen assigns a rent value to items. As your character levels,
they can 'rent' more and more. This is not tied to money, but rather the
maximum amount of stuff you can take with you when you rent.
While this system would fit the bill perfectly from a balance/coding
standpoint, I wish something a bit more elegant.. and easier to explain
to the players IC.


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