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From: Mental (
Date: 02/06/97

On Thu, 6 Feb 1997, Iain E. Davis wrote:

> You could always have 2 'aware' flags, one that is set in the .mob file,
> which presumably is permanent.  The other would be reset (e.g. cleared)
> at zone reset, thus making the mob aware for a length of time sufficient
> to deter the backstab/flee/backstab technique.
> >is a mixture.  After the first backstab, it sets a semi-aware bit.  Maybe 
> I like your semi-aware idea...although I might take it one step further,
> perhaps assign a 'skill' (called awareness?anti-backstab?perception?) to
> mobiles that are intelligent enough, then when they're backstabbed once
> the could be temporarily more aware, perhaps by noting the time of the last
> backstab, and if it was within xx amount of time ago, give them a bonus to
> the 'anti-backstab/awareness' skill.   Then a rogue/thief's backstab attempt
> would be based on his backstab skill _minus_ the awareness of the mobile.
> Might take a few high-level rogues by surprise if you had a 'very intelligent'
> mobile that had a high 'awareness'. eh eh eh. :)
> I would probably follow up with some means of the rogue being able to increase
> his backstab skill beyond 100%.
> Hmm...this could also be applied to some of the other rogue/thief skills such
> as 'sneak' or picking pockets. Hmmm....

Hmmm... Interesting, well... our mud is planning on using 100 mortal 
levels, so we can set the skills up as (Backstab Skill Percentage) minus 
(Mob's Level)  E.G.  Really high level mobs will end up unbackstabable 
with or without the aware bit, and it makes it harder to backstab mobs of 
equal level, so I think that if we were to get this implemented, we'd 
make it an addition to the aware bit.  Then, set it up so that the mob 
gains the aware bit whenever backstabbed.  Which would solve the 
problem... I mean... if you're so much higher than the mob that you can 
backstab it indefinitely, what's the point?  My purpose at this mud is 
head builder shared with someone else, so I can make sure that the mobs 
are balanced as well...
Either way, I'm still code illiterate so I'll have to wait for more 
important things to get done before I can ask for it to be implelmented, 
once again, thanx for the help.

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