[OFFTOPIC] Looking for Mr. Delays

From: DJ Pure (pure@ozramp.net.au)
Date: 02/07/97

Hi All,
	Around 3 months ago, someone from the list here contacted me and solved
this delays problem by giving me some code - well .. I need to know who you
are for two reasons - Give credit for, and to know if it's possible to
share this with anyone else. My HD crashed, deleting the files with your
code, and your name/email address .. and i need to talk to you. You
contacted me through this list (and my message on Nov 27 last year - Adding
Delays ??). Also, i promised to give you some spell code in return ... so
can you please contact me ....


Jussy *who is praying that he is still on the list AND that he's reading
this and remembers*

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