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From: Daniel Koepke (
Date: 02/08/97

On Sat, 8 Feb 1997, Shaw J wrote:

> 1)  When my mud crashes, how come it doesn't automatically reboot? How
> can I make it so it will using Win95?

The reason the mud reboots in UNIX is the autorun script.  I know of
no such thing in the standard distribution for Win95.  A batch file
should do it.

> 2)  When I run my mud a dos window holds the syslog information yet
> there is nothing in the syslog file.  Also when the mud crashes I don't
> see a syslog.CRASH file telling me the errors...

The reason the logs are not sent out to the "syslog" file is simple.
CircleMud writes to stderr.  The autorun script for UNIX redirects
stderr to the syslog file.  Simple solution is to do the same for
Win95 (if it's possible?).  As for syslog.CRASH...

Can we all agree that "syslog.CRASH" is the worst-named file of
1996?  And at this rate, maybe it'll repeat it's victory in 1997.
The syslog.CRASH file does not tell you what happened that made
the mud crash.  It's the last 50 (more or less) lines of the syslog
file.  This is made by using the UNIX 'tail' utility.  Since the
mud can't really log problems in the code that make it crash, the
syslog.CRASH file will only show errors which Circle recognized.
Or in other words, probably world file problems.  When the mud is
actually running, there is very few logs sent in comparison to when
it's just starting up, and there's really nothing to error check.
So syslog.CRASH for all practical purposes is worthless in tracking
down crashes.  Perhaps renaming to syslog.REBOOT in the stock
distribution would be better.  Or completely eliminating it since,
IMO, it's worthless and misleading.

Daniel Koepke
Forgive me father, for I am sin.

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