Error Handling on Win95 (was Re: [Win95] )

From: Gary Barnett (
Date: 02/08/97

>On Sat, 8 Feb 1997, Lars Juul wrote:
>> A batch file ain't enough cause Windoze absloute wants you press a 'OK'
>> on a message when the mud crashes.

1st Circle wasn't _designed_ to run on Win95.

Several small improvements will make a large difference running under that OS:

1) Error handler -- The easiest, though not the best method, is to create a small app
to look for the 'gpf box' and OK it when it finds it. VB would be perfect for this. Though,
by doing that you lose the debug info you could have gotten by clicking Debug instead
of OK.

2) Log file handler/display routines - This program could act as a shell around the mud,possibly
containing the functionality of (1) and the ability to create multiple log files based on
size and archive the old ones .. automatic logging, like you'd have on unix. Using this
method, a window on the screen could contain the log info (with scrollback) and act
as a process monitor, insuring that the mud stays up. (Maybe use DDE to send
heartbeat messages from the mud to the monitor and have it kill and restart the process
if it doesn't get one after X seconds), also tracking errorlevel of the process exit would
be useful for statistical reasons.

(You might try posting to the msvc list at: MSVC@eva.dc.LSOFT.COM if you need info
on the error handling functions.. if you use msvc that is.)

These details, and the lack of a rock solid remote access solution are the reasons I chose
UNIX over NT. 


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