Re: [code] limit on xp gain?

From: Ghost Shaidan (
Date: 02/09/97

If you look at the gain_exp functions, the base experience for the mob is
/3, (hence your 166666).  We went to a GET_LEVEL(vict)/GET_LEVEL(killer)
for our base, and changed the single kill to /2, while the group exp is
/1+members in group.  

Maybe it was because i was less code literate than I am now, but the only
way I was able to figure out that exp code in fight.c (and limits.c) was
to print most of it out and trace the flow by hand.  We have also added in
exp caps for races, extra exp for larger groups, and max exp per kill
limited to 20% of the max needed for that level.  Our next step is to take
the # of levels in a group, and divide/assign the exp that way.

Ghost Shaidan, ( 4000

> i was playing with the codes with max xp gained per kill, however,
> when i make a kill to some mob that has an assigned xp greater than 500k,
> i always get 166666 xp or multiple of 166666 instead.. i tried modifying
> the max_xp_gain parameter set in limits.c and stuff, but i still can't 
> get the correct xp i should get. so i'm wondering what other factors
> are there in determining the xp a char gets per kill and in what files
> would the modifications be made? thanks for all the help.

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