Re: [IDEA] Thus the storms did come...

From: doppsoft (
Date: 02/09/97

>Regarding the mail on Weather, I though of adding seasons (ie. Spring,
>Summer, Fall, and Winter) And having the seasons affect how hot, cold, wet
>etc the world is.  I thought of making it affect rangers forage skill,
>like harder to get food in winter, and to have it raise and lower food
>prices according to the season. Also affect movement, snow and hot weather
>could make movement cost more, same for weather, like rain makes mud so
>add 1 more to movement every room that it is raining in, etc.  I guess you
>kinda get my point huh? :P

Heh heh, very interesting.  Someone else came up with the same idea I 
implemented.  However, my weather system is certainly NOT cut and paste.  
It involves a LOT of file manipulations in structs.h, as well as a 
replacing of weather.c and many modifications to act.informative.c and 
db.c, in short, more than I can handle right now giving out.  I am 
working on the 'zone weather' now, so my files are rather messy (and were 
extremely disorganized before)  Also some other ideas you might want to 
consider: Snow occurs in some places, so you might want to have it 
happen.  I have blizzards and those will blind your scan and look 
<direction> commands.  You would be surprised what you can do with 
weather, there is so much more to it than we realize.

Just a hint if you want a complex weather system.  There is more to 
weather than pressure.
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