RE: Win95

From: Eric Medlock (
Date: 02/09/97

Of course it is affordable, I mean its only something like $100, that is
durn affordable... esp. compared to Linux, which  costs something like...
$0, with spreadsheets, emacs (a wordprocessor), gnu c++, c, fortran 77,
lisp, perl, tcl/tk, etc., etc., etc., all
costing equally as much... plus its fast, clean, and pretty small... so
what was that about affordibility?

On Sun, 9 Feb 1997, Allen Miles wrote:

> Hrm... Win95 is also an AFFRODABLE solution for an OS.
> On Mon, 3 Feb 1997, John C. A. Bambenek, Esq. wrote:
> > Here is the painful truth, Win95 is operating system that caters to 
> > dummies, when you give it something complicated, like a MUD, Win95 goes 
> > "What the fuck?  When did you get an IQ?"  Hence, why running a MUD on 
> > Win95 is problematic to say the least
> > 

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