time restrict on skill or command

From: AxL (axl@mindwarp.plymouth.edu)
Date: 02/10/97

	I added some time limitation to certain skills recently.  For
example, a monk can meditate to cure poisons, minor healing, and a few
other things...but only once per day (day in mud time).  Once the monk
meditates, an affect flag is set (AFF_WAIT, for lack of a better word),
with a duration of 24 tics.  and the skill checks to see if this is on 
the char before executing the skill.
	It works fine, but I was wondering if there's a more efficient
way of accomplishing this?  Seems like a bit much to have an extra flag
on every player just to check if they can use a skill or not.

	Thanks for any insight provided.  Also, I have some relatively
minor code snippets that I have worked on recently that will be uploaded
to the site soon.  Little things like a small % chance of random lightning 
strikes on PC's if the weather is right and such, so be on the lookout. :) 
-axl @)-->---   "Beneath the stain of time, the feeling disappears.
 axl@mindwarp    You are someone else.  I am still right here." - NIN
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