Help with Idea

From: Shaw J (
Date: 02/10/97

I have two ideas I want to add, but I need help... maybe just some
advise for me and my coders.

First I want to modify the timing in battle. Correct me if I'm wrong but
you can do many actions of some and only one of others... like if you
kick that is your action, but you can get 5 breads from your bag between
rounds.  Now what I want to modify is with potions.  I do not want the
potions to count as a one use action between rounds, so one can quaff 3
healing potions and kick between one round, or quaff potions until the
time runs out between the round.  I hope this makes sense

Second is just cosmetic... below the name and title of a character
someone sees in a room will be added features, the first one I want to
do is the affect of infravsion, it is easier to show you:

Talok the Ruler of All stands here.
     ...his eyes strangely glow red!

This added line would happen if Talok is under the affect of the
infravision spell...

Let me know what you think!
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