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Date: 02/10/97

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  First of all.. thank you for your reply..  I currently have 9 Unix accts,
out of the 5 servers that i use.  Now.. basically i have been talking to
daniel kopeke.. who i have chatted with on several occasions  to see  what
would be the best way to go about doing this.
  Just for the record.. he has designed his own mud from the bottom up,
and has the attachment "Forgive me father for I am sin".

  What I would like to do.. is write a base that is mainly capable of running
on a Unix platform.  The language of useage is standard C.. although I  am
currently enrolled in a C++ class.. but I was told by the  instructor, 
that they dont have any classes to offer to suit my experience :)

  So.. I am trying to do this to extend my knowlege in a way, and also go
about writing a mud that is non transferable.

  Now, I have been working on circlemud for about 3 years.. started with
ver 2.2 and have upgraded it along with all  my changes to bpl11.
  I have a few URL's on the web.. but I dont have any players since I
have restricted its use until sometime next year.

  I have over 150 zones.. averaging to about 7000 rooms.. with full olc, 
and  some olc based casino games i wrote myself using descriptor data.

  Other features include inline parsers ranging into 4-D, with special
font codes as well... something never seen before on a MUD via vt100 emulators.

  I would like to stay with standard C, because the compilers are more 
strict when it comes down to structuring.. C++ is just an object-oriented
language.. good for character overloading and additions to the main structure.
We can use C++ later, but would strongly stay away from any structuring
using C++.

  I currently have all librarys available to me.. except for cross-compiling.
GNU librarys, and C++ libs are on my system.  I operate on SunOS 5.5
on a Sparc V 120.  I also have another server you are entitled to use if
you   wish, located in Iowa.. its a private server there with about 3 users.
2 of which are me.

  Librarys over there include ansii C, (C++ libs i have to get installed
if needed.. so must talk to ISP).  OS in Iowa runs on Linux 1.2.1

 Compilation is a bit slow over there.. which is why i use my Sparc station.
I live here in Fresno,  California and have attended University here for
3.5 years..

  Hope that answered your questions.. and love to get something started soon.


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