Re: [OBuild]

From: JTRhone (
Date: 02/12/97

> are however experiencing lots of ^M's after the mobs long description in
> the file.  What can I do to stop this?  I am sure it just has to be a few
> lines of code I can toss in or change a command somewhere, but I am not

^M comes from writing the \r to a file.  I just wrote up a quick function
that ices all the \r characters from a string before I write it to the

If you have trouble writing it, I'll send mine, but it isn't all that

BTW.  I don't know how the other OLCs handle this, but I also wax all the
~ characters as well except the last one of the string.  Since
fread_string uses this as an end-of-string marker when it's loading up,
it's nice to only have on at the end of the string :)  Actually, I change
the tilda to a -, so in case the tilda is part of an ascii graphic sign or
something, it doesn't mess it up too bad.

jtrhone aka vall RoA

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