[CODE] Loosing Write Access

From: pjh (wart@trilidun.kuntrynet.com)
Date: 02/12/97

I am perplexed.  After a few days (or even hours its so far as I know a
random time) my mud will suddenly loose write access to the OS. This means
that peoples stuff isn't saved when they quit, nothing is saved when they
quit.  Most noticeably is that OLC doesn't work, Mail i get Error #13 or
#11 i think.  Um and other crazy stuff related to the no-write access.
however as far as Linux goes write access IS there to the person that runs
the mud.  Whenever I kill -9 the mud and restart it it works fine.  I am
totally out in the blue on this one.  Its doesn't like 'Crash' so to
speak, nor am I capable of finding exactly WHEN this happens.  Any help is
greatly appreciated.  


*-=-=-=-=-=-=-=* w0nderful *-=-* w0rld *-=-* 0f *-=-* wart *-=-=-=-=-*
Eudaemonia Mud: mud.kuntrynet.com Port 4000

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